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gummi bear [[waldo]] [[fred]]
5 July
I L♥VE YA MEGAN GARINGER!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;) LOL
i l♥ve you melody...u hot mama...tATu n e one...lol
i l♥ve you sami
i l♥ve you sara, kripple,etc.

Letchworth 2005 is love that was chopped down and reborn
by jolly_fishcake

Yulia is Love

t.A.T.u. is love in the rain

Nirvana is Love.


Edward Elric is short anime love

Edward Elric is love, period.

Converse is New Skool Old Skool Love

Sonny Moore is hot love.

Chad Michael Murray is love.
by _soxlastxsummer

[[mandas and megans...back off!!! lol]]

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